Thu, 19 November 2015
Like every baby this is a new beginning. Our first time blogging, and so, if you're a first time parent you might find that just like you - we are learning as we go.          

We  have almost always worked in the area of child and family health.  Now having children of our own, it provides an opportunity to reflect on both our work and our parenting and how these interact.  And (we hope) being parents means we have an added understanding of how wonderful and how hard parenting can be, and about how to provide support to other parents facing the same or similar challenges.  

Having said that, everyone’s family is different and we all face our parenting challenges in slightly different ways, so take from this site the ideas and tips that might work for you and your family.

This website and particularly the blogs you will find here is a place to share ideas, thoughts and experiences about parenting young children.  It is written for parents by parents who are all health workers so it is flavoured by our work and training but delivered through our parenting experiences, as crazy, mad, sad and entertaining as anyone who has had kids.

What you read here is our thoughts and reflections on our parenting. That might include information we know or have found out, and we will only include information here that we know to be evidence based and true.  Please remember however that information is never a substitute for a health consultation or treatment plan if that is what you need.  It is also supported by but doesn’t represent the views of our employers or health services.

Welcome to LoveTalkSingReadPlay.  We will be posting new blogs most weeks, that cross the age range of children on our site and issues that many parents face.  We would love to hear from you, so join us, read the stories of our children, make a printable with photos of your child or add a comment on our blogs.

The LoveTalkSingReadPlay team.
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Really looking forward to reading more from this blog. RP has been a favourite for a while, so I'm sure some great content will come out from here.

Thanks for the great resource.