From: Wed, 20 March 2019
To: Wed, 03 April 2019
A 3 week program helping parents understand and express their emotions, namely feelings of depression and anxiety.
From: Wed, 20 March 2019
To: Wed, 08 May 2019
Cool Kids Cool Kids is an evidence-based anxiety support and therapy program for primary aged children and their parents where the children may be experiencing high levels of anxiety. Children lear ...
On: Thu, 21 March 2019
A seminar that aims to assist you as a parent talk to your kids about difficult issues such as parental conflict, carrying messages, financial issues, taking sides, children's understanding of separat ...
From: Thu, 21 March 2019
To: Thu, 11 April 2019
Group Triple P is for families with children 2-12yrs. It provides principles and techniques that can be used for different problems, such as tantrums, sleeping, bullying, sibling rivalry and withdrawa ...
From: Thu, 21 March 2019
To: Thu, 04 April 2019
Suburb: Kurri Kurri
A 6 hour program delivered over 3 x 2 hrs sessions. This program delivers a number of insights and strategies for the parent who wants to understand this stage of the child’s development. Examines ...
On: Thu, 21 March 2019
Do you want to know what is involved in self-managing your child’s NDIS plan? Do you think self-managing sounds too complicated or time-consuming? Maybe you have been thinking about it but haven't mad ...
From: Thu, 21 March 2019
To: Thu, 11 April 2019
For parents/carers of children aged 2-10 years. Reflect on your own parenting style and develop strategies to support your child whilst taking care of yourself.Designed to promote positive and respec ...
On: Sat, 23 March 2019
This parenting workshop will be held over one day instead of the usual 3 sessions by popular demand from busy parents. The sessions will cover the information from the 3 session format with the possib ...
On: Sat, 23 March 2019
Suburb: Campbelltown
We understand that the birth of a baby is one of the biggest life changes you will experience. To help support you on your journey, this 6 hour workshop will provide you with an opportunity to learn a ...
From: Mon, 25 March 2019
To: Mon, 06 May 2019
Strategies for parents to :- Learn own to recognise anger Recognise how to manage anger and own their anger Recognise the ripple affect it has on the family Learn ways of expressing anger without ...
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