From: Wed, 08 June 2022
To: Sun, 15 May 2022
This 2-session workshop gives parents/carers a chance to think about what is important to them about their parenting. It aims to generate discussion between parents. Thoughtful Parenting is made up of ...
From: Wed, 08 June 2022
To: Wed, 29 June 2022
Richmond Community Services Inc. in partnership with Windsor Professional Centre is pleased to be able to offer a FREE 4 week ongoing group for primary school kids aged 7 - 9 year dealing with Anxi ...
From: Wed, 08 June 2022
To: Wed, 22 June 2022
Urban Theatre Projects (UTP), Creating Links and Linda Brescia come together for a fun and exciting art making workshop that will focus on self-expression and wellbeing. Workshops will be faci ...
On: Thu, 09 June 2022
Suburb: WOOLI
This 2-session event is an opportunity to explore how children process the loss of someone or something
From: Wed, 15 June 2022
To: Wed, 29 June 2022
This three-week parenting workshop will show you how to create a strong emotional connection with your child, which will help them develop strength, confidence and resilience. • Create a mea ...
From: Wed, 15 June 2022
To: Wed, 29 June 2022
Over this three week parenting group we will explore: -Reconnecting to Your Parenting Goals and Dreams -Supporting Your Child’s Growing Brain Supporting Your Child’s Development, Emotions and Behav ...
From: Wed, 22 June 2022
To: Wed, 13 July 2022
Parenting Explosive Kids - 4 sessions - FREE Does your child: Show extreme behaviour? Have intense temper tantrums? Refuse to do what they are asked? Use verbal and physical aggression? Parent ...
On: Wed, 22 June 2022
Suburb: Tamworth
Easy-to-use techniques to enlist adolescents to manage their own teenager behavior problems and emotional reactions. You will learn how to build a relationship with a teenager, help parents to build a ...
On: Thu, 23 June 2022
This is an introductory 2 hour seminar, providing an overview of The Family Centre’s parenting programs including Bringing Up Great Kids, Circle of Security Parenting, 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching; ...
On: Thu, 23 June 2022
Suburb: YAMBA
Enjoy an afternoon learning about 5 love languages and how they can assist in strengthening the relationship with your child.
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