From: Thu, 11 March 2021
To: Thu, 25 March 2021
123 Magic & Emotion Coaching Parenting Program in South Windsor The 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program is designed to provide you with skills to help you in your parenting role. Each meeting wil ...
On: Sat, 13 March 2021
DADS: Getting to know your baby (Saturday Workshop) A half day workshop for fathers with pre-crawlers (0-10 months). Explore baby's body language and unique cues - sight, sound and sensory – it’s t ...
From: Sat, 13 March 2021
To: Sat, 27 March 2021
Circle of Security provides a 'map' for caregivers on how to navigate parenting while juggling other demands. 50 years of research has shown that children with secure attachment to a primary caregiver ...
On: Sun, 14 March 2021
This course is designed to help new parents, or soon to be parents, feel confident with welcoming their new baby to their family. The 4th trimester is the term used to describe the first 3 months afte ...
From: Mon, 15 March 2021
To: Mon, 22 March 2021
Surviving Your Adolescents - Two sessions - FREE Surviving Your Adolescents will provide parents with some useful skills for dealing with teenage behaviour. Find out what is normal behaviour for a te ...
On: Mon, 15 March 2021
Autism Spectrum diagnosis - Next Steps Richmond Community Services Inc. in partnership with Windsor Professional Centre is pleased to be able to offer a FREE workshop for parents/primary carers ...
From: Mon, 15 March 2021
To: Mon, 29 March 2021
Suburb: AIRDS
Parents and Caregivers will learn: How to discipline without arguing, yelling or smacking How to sort behaviour How to handle challenging and testing behaviours Choosing your strategy, the three c ...
From: Tue, 16 March 2021
To: Tue, 23 March 2021
Suburb: Waratah
A two day intensive group program for dads to find ways to… • manage strong feelings such as anger and fear • communicate effectively in difficult situations • handle conflict without losing it • ...
From: Tue, 16 March 2021
To: Tue, 30 March 2021
Managing unwanted behaviour Encourage good behaviour - helping your children to start doing what you want them to do. Emotion coaching - helping children to identify and manage emotions that drive b ...
From: Wed, 17 March 2021
To: Wed, 31 March 2021
No Scaredy Cats is based on 3 fundamental perspectives for parents to:- * Understand how anxiety develops & how to offset its progress * Take a preventative role in the development of anxiety issu ...
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