About the Website
Welcome to Love Talk Sing Read Play, this site has been developed by parents who are health workers, for parents who want to have the latest evidence based information on children's emotional and social development. The information is told through the stories of Jack and his friends which we hope will be interesting and offer you ideas and tips that you can relate to your children.
Love Talk Sing Read Play website is based on a Families NSW parent communication project designed to provide consistent and evidence based information to parents and communities about the social and emotional development of their children. This website and the Love Talk Sing Read Play and Deadly Tots Apps have been designed so parents can personalise the information they contain making them more relevant and engaging for them.
The website has been developed by staff of the Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts supported by NSW Health. The Apps were developed by the staff of South Western Sydney, South Eastern and Sydney Local Health Districts with funding from South Western Sydney Local Health District, the St George Child and Family Interagency and the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.
The original project began in 2005 with the support of three Families NSW regions, (Northern Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and South Western Sydney).The project was auspiced by the Sydney Children's Hospital and managed by the Department of Community Paediatrics, Sydney South West Area Health Service (now Sydney Local Health District and South Western Sydney Local Health District) and produced a number of resources. Further project developments included translations of some of the resources into community languages and the development of Aboriginal resources.
The Families NSW project Resourcing Parents is proud to have been involved in developing the different Love Talk Sing Read Play resources and the website will be maintained by this project.
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