Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Using words or actions to communicate such as waving or raising arms up to be lifted.
  • Wanting to move around.
  • Responding to others.
  • Seeking the attention of familiar people.
Chevonne likes exploring, discovering and having fun. She is learning so much every day and it can be exciting to watch her learn to do new things for herself. During this time Chevonne is learning to walk and talk.

For Chevonne, and other young toddlers like her, it can be frustrating when she can't do something she wants to. She is developing her independence, but sometimes things are just too hard and she can be overwhelmed by her feelings of anger and frustration. This might end in a tantrum.

Chevonne is learning to do more for herself as she develops new skills and her parents will have to decide when to step back and allow her to do more for herself.

It is known that consistent and stable parenting helps children develop resilience. What this means is that having routines, setting limits and being there to give support creates a loving relationship that helps children to bounce back from difficulties that happen in life.

Chevonne is learning to be resilient; each time she falls over, she is encouraged get back up and try again. These are small steps but learning that will last her a lifetime teaching her to try new things again and again.