Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Interested in playing.
  • Understanding simple instructions.
  • Coming to you for attention or support.
  • Using many words to label objects, people and actions.
  • Joining words in meaningful phrases.
  • Interested in food.
  • Finds it hard to use small objects.
  • And if your child is falling a lot.
Seb and Cherise at two are learning about their feelings and testing out what their bodies can do.

Older toddlers like Cherise and Seb are curious about the world around them. Their new ability to move fast and climb means that they can explore new and larger areas around them without help from their parents.

They are beginning to enjoy the company of other children and are just starting to learn how to share.

Children this age are learning about how to express their feelings. Tantrums can happen when their frustration about not being able to express themselves distresses them. Being patient and understanding, talking, singing and cuddling can help to calm them as they learn to manage emotions that are overwhelming.