Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Interested in playing.
  • Understanding simple instructions.
  • Coming to you for attention or support.
  • Using many words to label objects, people and actions.
  • Joining words in meaningful phrases.
  • Interested in food.
  • Finds it hard to use small objects.
  • And if your child is falling a lot.
Why LOVE is essential
Seb is interested in exploring the world but still needs his special people close by for reassurance and encouragement. Sometimes it will just be a quick look over his shoulder to make sure they are still watching.

Children Seb's age are developing emotionally and starting to feel emotions they haven't felt before, including guilt and shame. They need help to understand these emotions. Seb's feelings can be overwhelming at this age and tantrums are his way of communicating when things are too much for him to handle.

Seb might seem to be developing so quickly but there will be times he just wants to sit quietly and share time with the people who love him.