Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Interested in playing.
  • Understanding simple instructions.
  • Coming to you for attention or support.
  • Using many words to label objects, people and actions.
  • Joining words in meaningful phrases.
  • Interested in food.
  • Finds it hard to use small objects.
  • And if your child is falling a lot.
How PLAYing is learning
Cherise's world is getting bigger. Two-year-olds enjoy dress-ups, ride-on toys, stories, rhymes and copying their parents. Pretend play really takes off at this age and is more and more involved. Pretending gives Cherise a chance to practise things she has started learning about like reading and writing.

The process of play and learning stimulate each other. Play helps Cherise to grow in confidence and self-esteem by creating a world she is in control of, where she can conquer her fears and build her skills for future challenges. This is developing her resilience.

Playing with other children gives Cherise a chance to start learning about sharing and turn taking. These are new ideas for Cherise and need practise and patience from those around her.

Playing with Cherise provides the opportunity to build positive relationships with her in a fun way that makes her feel good.