Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Understood by others.
  • Playing with other children or with toys.
  • Playing imaginary games.
  • Able to have a conversation.
  • Learning to go to the toilet.
  • Making eye contact.
  • Understanding simple instructions.
  • Responding to people outside the family.
Why LOVE is essential
Poppy is becoming more independent, but she still needs a lot of love and reassurance from her family. On days when she is very adventurous she needs extra bedtime stories on mum or dad's lap.

Poppy's growing independence can be encouraged by noticing her and letting her know when she has done something new or difficult. Saying positive things to her helps her to feel positive about herself.

Poppy loves it when her big sisters notice her new independent skills. Brothers and sisters are really important role models and supporters for the younger children in the family.