Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Playing with a variety of games and activities.
  • Showing a wide range of emotions.
  • Able to focus on one activity for more than 5 minutes.
  • Able to go to the toilet alone.
  • Fluent with speech or has problems repeating words or sounds.
  • Drawing pictures.
  • Able to brush their teeth, wash and dry their hands or get undressed without help.
Liam and Gabby's development has slowed from the frantic pace of earliest childhood to steady growth. Glimpses of more grownup personalities are starting to appear.

Liam and Gabby are working out who they will become, so identity and independence continue to be important at this age. They still need reassurance and support as they test boundaries and continue to develop skills.

Children's friendships are important at this age. Opportunities such as attending playgroup, playdates, preschool or childcare should be encouraged. It's been found that children who have attended preschool settle into their first year of school with more confidence. Preschool also helps children to start school with more confidence if they've had little or no experience with English.

Take your child to visit their future school when you register and fill in the forms, so they know what to expect.

Talking about big school and preparing for big school is a focus this year. It's good to keep a focus on what your child is doing each day in the present as well.