Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your baby
  • Seems floppy or stiff.
  • Cries a lot.
  • Arches their back a lot.
  • Does not respond to sounds or smile.
  • Does not seem interested when you play with them.
  • Does not follow you with their eyes.
  • Has a very flat head shape
Why LOVE is essential
When Jack was this age his parents knew he needed to be cuddled and held. Little babies can't be spoiled by being nursed and comforted.Jack was reassured that he was cared for by being held and kept close to his parents.

During this time Jack began following the voices and faces he knew, his parents, the most important people in his world.

He did cry often because it was his only way to communicate. Over these early weeks Jack's parents started to understand what he needed and he started to respond to their loving care.

Feeding Jack when he was newborn was a large part of caring for him. Satisfying his hunger calmed him and showed him those looking after him were there to comfort and meet his needs.

Touching, stroking and talking quietly to Jack while he was fed strengthened his relationship with those who love him.