Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your baby
  • Seems floppy or stiff.
  • Cries a lot.
  • Arches their back a lot.
  • Does not respond to sounds or smile.
  • Does not seem interested when you play with them.
  • Does not follow you with their eyes.
  • Has a very flat head shape
Why READ everyday
Jack loved being held and listening to his mum's voice from the beginning. Jack's parents have enjoyed reading to him even as a young baby.

Jack is learning that reading is feel-good time, which will make reading a positive experience for him.

Some people might feel awkward reading to a newborn but research has shown the benefits of starting early. It is never too early to read to babies.

Did you know that a baby less than three days' old will choose to listen to their mother's voice over another voice and prefer a familiar story to one they don't know?