Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your baby
  • Seems floppy or stiff.
  • Cries a lot.
  • Arches their back a lot.
  • Does not respond to sounds or smile.
  • Does not seem interested when you play with them.
  • Does not follow you with their eyes.
  • Has a very flat head shape
Why TALKing builds literacy
As a newborn Jack's main way of communicating was crying. Later he started to smile and make small noises that were his first attempts at communicating.

From birth babies are able to tell the differences in people's voices. They are familiar with their mother's voice and will turn their head in the direction of her voice.

Responding to a baby's sounds and expressions, smiling and talking back, is the beginning of many conversations that a baby and their parents will have as their baby grows up.