Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Understood by others.
  • Playing with other children or with toys.
  • Playing imaginary games.
  • Able to have a conversation.
  • Learning to go to the toilet.
  • Making eye contact.
  • Understanding simple instructions.
  • Responding to people outside the family.
Developmental Milestones
Milestones are a guide to the skills that your child should be able to do at different ages. While all children are different and develop at their own pace, there are also blocks of time or windows when most children will meet a milestone (for example, most children walk between 9 and 15 months). If your child isn't meeting all the milestones for their age, it may be a good idea to chat to your GP or Child and Family Health Nurse to make sure there isn't a medical or developmental problem.

Between 3-4 years your child will :

  • Be confident with daytime toileting and making progress with night-time toileting Start to speak in short sentences, using many different words, including action words and answer simple questions.
  • Understand opposites such as "big or little" and count 5-10 things.
  • Be able to follow instructions with 2-3 steps and simple rules and enjoying helping.
  • Be able to remember parts of a story and tells you what is going to happen next in a book.
  • Be able to concentrate for longer.
  • Be able by the end of the third year to draw a picture and name it.
  • Be able to pour, cut with supervision and mash own food.