Have a chat to your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP if your child is not
  • Playing with a variety of games and activities.
  • Showing a wide range of emotions.
  • Able to focus on one activity for more than 5 minutes.
  • Able to go to the toilet alone.
  • Fluent with speech or has problems repeating words or sounds.
  • Drawing pictures.
  • Able to brush their teeth, wash and dry their hands or get undressed without help.
Developmental Milestones
Milestones are a guide to the skills that your child should be able to do at different ages. While all children are different and develop at their own pace, there are also blocks of time or windows when most children will meet a milestone (for example, most children walk between 9 and 15 months). If your child isn't meeting all the milestones for their age, it may be a good idea to chat to your GP or Child and Family Health Nurse to make sure there isn't a medical or developmental problem.

Between 4-5 years your child will :

  • Be able to toilet themselves.
  • Start to speak clearly and use full sentences.
  • Be able to count 10 or more things.
  • Be able to tell stories, enjoy jokes, rhymes and stories.
  • Start to understand when someone is hurt and comfort them.
  • Start to develop independence and social skills that they will use for learning and getting on with others at preschool and school.
  • Be able to copy triangles, linear figures and draw a three- stage person. (The first stage being a circle with 2 features, building to a circle with 6 features and then by stage three including extras like hairbands or kicking a ball in the drawing).
  • Be able to use fork and spoon and sometimes a table knife.